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Sep 2, 2012 5:00am PDT
. here's the dnc chair, los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa earlier this week. >> the whole sort of culmination of the whole week is at bank of america stadium. yeah, democrats and i know a bunch of literature are calling it panther stadium. do you have a problem with a mega bank sponsor? >> i don't have a problem with the sponsor and whoever is talking about the panthers do play there and -- >> what are you calling it sph. >> i'm calling it the football stadium. >> purchased by a major u.s. bank highlights some of the contradictions of the u.s. democratic party. as the labor in the democratic party has diminished in the past two decades, two things have happened. inequality has risen and campaigns have become much, much, much more expensive. in turn, democrats have learned to the finance sector for funding. $22 million to john mccain's $13 million. that mountain of wall street cash serves to heighten the contradicks in the modern democratic party while the republicans can protect the interest of capital the democratic party must try to represent interest and labor. while attempt
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)